By using the Flootzer floating hose all cables, hoses and pipelines can be kept afloat easily. All our floaters are inflatable and made of strong PVC canvas. May the temperature rise, the pressure will rise too. But our floater is resistant to these circumstances. High temperatures and high pressures are no longer a problem for the Flootzer

Inflatable floating hose

Space is precious and by using the Flootzer floating hose not much space is used. When floaters need to be stored they do not use a lot of your space. The floaters only need to be inflated at the workspace. Sailmaker de Wit has years of experience in making this wonderfull product.

                       Flootzer floating hose 600


By using the inflatable floating hoses all your hoses can be used flexible. The hose do not have to lie in a straight line. A big advantage of inflatable floaters is that there will not be direct contact with the bottom. Sharp rocks and stones will be avoided. Tear and wear is no longer necesarilly by using our inflatable floaters.

Reuse the floating hose

As mentioned direct contact with the underwater world is avoided. Wear and tear of the hose is no longer part of the deal. The floaters can easily be inflated and deflated. All our floating hoses can be reused at the next project.

Before selling the floating hose, Sailmaker de Wit will do a test with the floaters. At normall usage the pressure inside the floater is negligible. But when the temperature rises the pressure will rise too. Our floating hoses are tested at high pressures and still doing well.