Floating hoses keeps your hoses afloat. At Sailmaker de Wit this product is called the Flootzer. The floaters have different names and it can be confusing. So inflatable floaters can be named as cable floats, pipe floats, hose floats or buoyancy bags, but we would like to call them the Flootzer.

The floating hose is made by Sailmaker de Wit. Inflatable floaters are easy to use, because they do not use a lot of space when they are not in use. The floats can also be used at different projects.

As the name says, floating hoses keeps the hoses, cables and pipelines afloat. The length of a hose is important for the total ammount of floaters needed. But also the required buoyancy is important. On the basis of these data the right floating hose can be determined.

Floating hoses in two types

Sailmaker de Wit features two different types of floating hoses. The first one is the Flootzer with one inflatable cylinders. The second one is the Flootzer which consists of two inflatable cylinders.

At coasts and lakes you can often see the floating hose. Normally at shallow waters the floaters are used. The hose goes from land to ship and otherwise. While using the floats direct contact with the bottom is avoided. Interaction with rocks is no longer necesarilly and this will not cause damage anymore.

Flootzer floating hose CAD